Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you not simply contribute to scipy.ndimage or scikits.image?

When I started this project (although it wasn’t called mahotas and it was more of a collection of semi-organised routines than a project), there was no scikits.image.

In the meanwhile, all these projects have very different internal philosophies. ndimage is old-school scipy, in C, with macros. scikits.image uses Cython extensively, while mahotas uses C++ and templates. I don’t want to use Cython as I find that it is not yet established enough and it cannot (I believe) be used to write functions that run on multiple types (like with C++ templates). The scipy community does not want to use C++.

I have, on the other hand, taken code from ndimage and ported it to C++ for use in mahotas. In the process, I feel it is much cleaner code (because you can use RAII, exceptions, and templates) and I want to keep it that way.

In any case, we all use the same data format: numpy arrays. It is very easy (trivial, really) to use all the packages together and take whatever functions you want from each. All the packages use function based interfaces which make it easy to mix-and-match.

What are the parameters to Local Binary Patterns?

Checkout the documentation on local binary patterns.

I am using mahotas in a scientific publication, is there a citation?

There is a manuscript about mahotas under review. In the meanwhile, only a pre-print is available at the arXiv. You can cite the preprint.